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Are Your Students Ready To Take Action On Climate Change?

ecoCaledon would like to share an exciting opportunity for Caledon teachers and students entitled, Take 5 for the Planet*.

Each day, we are faced with a litany of stories about environmental risks and disasters, vanishing wilderness, and endangered species. According to The Anthropocene Project, we have reached an unprecedented moment in planetary history – humans now change the Earth and its processes more than all other natural forces combined – and climate change is just one part of the indelible human signature.

In recent years, we have seen a surge of young people, in our local community and around the world, stepping to the forefront of the fight against climate change. However, many are left feeling at a loss of how to take action in a way that will bring about impactful results.

Climate change is a significant and urgent challenge for our young people and engaging them in meaningful ways can bring about significant change. Our goal, through the Take 5 for the Planet program, is to engage young people in the Town of Caledon on the topic of climate change and support them with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to take meaningful action with measurable results.

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Take 5  for the Planet includes five cross-curricular lessons that inspire environmental stewardship in both the classroom and beyond – through fun, hands-on, and thought provoking activities. It is important that students come away from these activities with not only a better understanding of how their daily choices impact the planet, but also knowing that their actions can make a difference.

Are your students ready to take action on climate change?

Please let us know if your class would be interested in participating this Fall by emailing [email protected]

Need more info?

Climate change is a complex issue that can be scary and overwhelming. The Take 5 for the Planet program is designed to break down this complex issue into five smaller topics. We will focus on each topic for two weeks during which classes will participate in a workshop and complete a series of cross-curricular activities to build knowledge and understanding in a fun and interactive way.

As action is an antidote to anxiety, students will be asked to select and commit to actions both in class and at home. As much as possible these actions will have measurable impacts such as potential carbon reduction or numbers of people the class has shared a topic with. These results will be recorded and displayed to build momentum and allow students to feel positive about their ability to make a difference.

With support from ecoCaledon, each class will select and complete a larger community-based climate action project. These projects will allow classes to share and solidify learning further while having a positive impact on the greater community.

*We are looking for grade 5 or 7 classrooms in the Caledon area. Space is limited. Contact [email protected] 

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