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Special Weather Statement – First Heat Event of 2022 issued for Peel

The first heat event for 2022 had been forecast by the Storm Prediction Centre at Environment and Climate Change Canada to start Monday May 30th. A Special Weather Statement has been issued. While forecasted conditions do not meet heat warning criteria, they could pose health risks, particularly to those vulnerable to the heat who are not yet acclimatized to the warmer weather.

Temperatures are forecasted to reach close to 30 degrees on Monday and maximum temperatures on Tuesday will be in the low thirties.

The Heat Event is expected to last from Monday to Tuesday.

Older adults, individuals with chronic health conditions, infants, and young children, those who are homeless or those without access to air conditioning are at the greatest risk of heat-related illness. Peel residents are reminded to check on isolated seniors and at-risk individuals to ensure that they are staying cool, hydrated, and safe.

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“As we move into the extreme temperatures over the next few days, be aware that even healthy people can suffer from heat-related illness, not just the elderly.” said Dr. Monica Hau, Associate Medical Officer of Health. “Enjoy the outdoors but do take precautions. Limit your time in the heat and don’t overexert yourself as you enjoy the summer weather.”

Extreme heat can cause heat illnesses. Look out for the following symptoms of heat exhaustion: heavy sweating, dizziness, fainting and vomiting, headache, and cold, pale, and clammy skin. If experiencing any of these symptoms, immediately move to a cool place, drink water, and seek help.  Heat strokes are a medical emergency. Watch for a high body temperature, confusion, dizziness/fainting, and no sweating, but very hot, red skin. Call 911 immediately and cool the person right away by:

  • Moving them to a cool place if you can;
  • Applying cold water to large areas of the skin; and
  • Fanning the person as much as possible.

How to protect yourself during hot weather:

  • Avoid strenuous activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun is at its hottest.
  • While outside for essential purposes, ensure you drink plenty of fluids, carry a full water bottle, and wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Never leave children or pets in a parked car.
  • Take cool showers or baths, or use cool, wet towels on your face, neck and/or arms.
  • If you are taking medication or have a health condition, discuss heat-related illnesses with your health provider and follow their recommendations.

For more information on heat-related illness, visit

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