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Ensuring Your Tattoo Experience is Safe and Sound

Thinking of getting some ink? Peel Public Health wants residents to stay safe by only getting tattoos from reputable businesses that have been inspected by Public Health. Body art modifications, like tattooing, can place individuals at risk for skin and blood-borne infections including Hepatitis B, C and HIV.

The Region of Peel inspects tattoo studios to make sure they are taking the right steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.  Residents should also know that there are steps they can take to reduce the risk of infection when getting a tattoo.

Steps to Reduce the Risk:

  • Only get a tattoo if the studio is inspected by Public Health.  You can view recent inspection results (for Peel Region) online at or look for the green PASS inspection summary sign at the entrance to the studio.
  • Contact Public Health if you are uncertain if a tattoo studio is inspected.
  • The tattoo studio should be well-lit, clean and tidy.
  • Choose a tattoo artist that takes precautions to protect client’s health.  A tattoo artist should:
    • explain the procedure and risks to you and answer any questions that you may have
    • ask you if you have any allergies to pigments, latex, iodine (antiseptics) before starting
    • record your name and contact information
    • practice good hand hygiene
    • cover the tattoo machine and cord with a plastic film that is discarded between clients
    • apply an antiseptic to the skin before beginning the procedure
    • use new sterile needles/needle cartridges and open the packages in front of you
    • use new disposable and disinfected ink caps to hold the tattooing ink
    • use a new disposable razor if shaving is needed
    • cover the tattoo with a single use bandage before you leave
    • provide you with written and verbal after care instruction
  • Proper care of your new tattoo starts with you. Listen and follow your tattoo artist’s advice on aftercare. Tattoo aftercare promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of skin infections and complications.

Anyone who has received a tattoo at an uninspected premises is encouraged to speak with their health care provider about testing for blood-borne infections and to report the premises to Public Health. Residents are also encouraged to contact Public Health if they have concerns about infection control practices at inspected premises.

Peel Public Health can be contacted at 905-799-7700 or by email at [email protected].  For a directory of other Ontario public health units visit: .

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Are you a tattoo artist looking for guidance on operating a studio in Peel?  Peel Public Health is here to help.  Contact us at the phone number or email address above and ask to speak with a public health inspector.

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