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Moose Mornings with Sarah Kipp - Moose Mornings with Sarah Kipp. Start your day with a smile and find out what you need to know, tune in! Listen now at 102.7 Moose FM  
Middays with Joël - Get ready for lots of laughs and a whole lot of fun to get you through your workday. Greatmusic, stories, lifestyle, special features and guests! Every day is a lot […]
Canadian Indigenous Music - Explore the vibrant world of Canadian Indigenous music with our curated list of talented Indigenous artists from across the country.
News Alerts Sign Up! - Be the first to know! Whenever there’s breaking news in the Bolton area, you’ll be the first to hear!  
Weekends with Dan - Born and raised in Eastern Ontario, I’ve been up and down the AM and FM radio dial for the past 26 years! I’m so glad to have landed at Moose […]
ATC Blues Show - Saturday at 6pm with a repeat on Sunday at 6pm. ATC is a weekly 60-minute program, hosted by 30-year radio veteran Brant Zwicker. The show focuses on blues music and […]

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