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Summer-Fresh All Winter Long

Missing the delicious flavours of your fresh-from-the-garden produce? You’re not alone.

And, of course, flavour is not the only benefit of home-grown. Nutrition is a factor as well. Vitamin C, for example, starts to degrade rapidly after harvest.

Truth is it’s tough for produce that is picked early to enable days spent on trucks to compare in terms of nutrition and flavour to that which is grown literally feet or yards from our plate.

But, here in Canada, winter happens. So, what’s a health-minded consumer who loves flavourful nutritious meals to do?

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Andrea with her TowerTurns out Palgrave resident Andrea Munro-White has a viable solution for that. And no green thumb required.

Andrea, who graduated the Registered Holistic Nutritionist program in 2014, is a walking and healthy testament to Tower Gardens. She has been growing her own for nine years. The vertical garden enables fresh garden-to-table produce in all seasons.

The tower’s system is aeroponic. It has a pump which forces water up through the middle and then it cascades down the backs of the plants’ roots. No standing water to be concerned about. As well, as Andrea likes to emphasize, it actually uses less water than a traditional garden, no soil, less of an impact on the environment and all the nutrition!

There are two models; one is three feet in diameter and the other, designed for small spaces such as condos, is just two feet in diameter. Andrea’s, the larger model, has 20 ports for growing 20 plants. She has a family of five that “goes through greens like crazy” so she purchased an extension which gives her eight more ports standing taller than the basic Tower.

Some of ANdrea’s greens in a bowl“As soon as I heard about the Tower Garden I literally bought it immediately” she admits. “I think the idea is brilliant. I have raised garden beds in the back, but I really wanted the flavour and nutrition of fresh all year around.”

In addition to individual homes Andrea has placed Tower Gardens in schools and nursing homes as well. “Kids learn about planting and growing their own food, food sustainability, nutrition, the flavour of fresh, and then often donate produce to a good cause, teaching them community awareness and spirit.”

“If you are someone who eats leafy greens daily it literally pays for itself in about six months. There’s nothing like walking over and grabbing fresh greens for your salad or your sandwich or, better yet, watching your kids do that.” Andrea also grows herbs, tomatoes and cucumbers, but really you can grow anything on your Tower except root vegetables.

While growing in all seasons, in less space, using less water, sounds like benefits enough there’s also the fact that plants grown hydroponically grow much faster as Andrea has observed. “The tower does absolutely fine if we go on vacation for a couple of weeks. So much so that I actually have a relative come in to harvest some so it doesn’t get overgrown.
Andrea recommends planting in all of your ports initially and then, as you harvest, start staggering your plantings.

Some of ANdrea’s greens on a platterThe Tower Garden is made from UV-stabilized food grade plastic. It will be delivered directly to your door anywhere in North America, and if you order soon you can have it in time to put it under the tree for Christmas!

The kit comes complete with the water pump, timer (for lights and pump), seeds, germination trays, pots, vermiculite, plant food, ph tests and more. Lights, which Andrea says produces the best results for indoor growing, are extra.

”It’s easy” Andrea says emphatically. “Fill the basin, plant the seed, plug it in, and watch it grow!”

Andrea can answer any questions, assist in a thorough understanding, help you get set up, and get the most from your Tower Garden.  You can order your own Tower Garden for your family, business, or school by contacting Andrea through her email, or you can buy direct through her website below.

Either way Andrea will be happy to personally answer any questions, share ideas, and offer continued support. It’s a gift that keeps on giving in so many ways!

You can reach her at: [email protected]

You can visit her website at:

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