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CCS Says Thank You To Staff And All Community Non-Profits

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The senior team at has CCS penned the following letter to thank their staff and our local JSC readers during the first ever Non-Profit Appreciation Week, along with all the non-profit agencies that have stood strong in serving residents everywhere.

Thank you community non-profits!

So Ontario is officially celebrating its first ever Non-Profit Appreciation Week now, very nice! It’s a celebration, and it’s recognition, of the important role that non-profits and about 850,000 staff play in building healthy vibrant communities all across Ontario.

We want to take it down a notch and hone in on our beautiful community of Caledon. And then take it down another notch and drill down to our own organization, Caledon Community Services.

We want to thank our amazing and tireless staff for standing tall during a time in our community where new challenges emerged that required creativity, energy and lots of compassion. We know you are tired, the pace has been unrelenting for all of you over many months. We’re encouraged by Caledon’s improved circumstances and the arrival of some warmer weather! We appreciate the importance of 100+ strong CCS staff in our Health, Employment/Settlement and Community Divisions and in our Communications and Finance Divisions. You are exceptional community service providers and that’s cause for celebration this week.

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Caledon is blessed to have developed a beautiful and warm quilt of strong and very capable community service organizations, all of them so deserving of appreciation this week and in the year ahead. So to them we also send out a large “hurrah!”.

And to the Caledon community, we’re only as strong as our weakest link. CCS is grateful your support, it is truly together with community where we do our best work. Please visit us at


Geraldine Aguiar, Director, Health Services

Cathy Perennec-McLean, Director, Employment/Settlement Services

Michelle Veinot, Director, Community Services

Donna Cragg, Director, Communications

Ajay Walia, Director, Finance

Monty Laskin, Chief Executive Officer

Stay well and stay safe.

Thank you!

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