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Fire Prevention Week – Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety

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Fire Prevention Week (October 3-9) focuses on learning the sounds of fire safety and how you can take small but important steps to keep yourself and your family safe.

“It’s important to learn the different sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. When an alarm makes noise—a beeping sound or a chirping sound—you must take action!” said Fire Chief Darryl Bailey. “Make sure everyone in the home understands the sounds of the alarms and knows how to respond.

Know these fire safety sounds:

  • A continuous set of three loud beeps—beep, beep, beep—means smoke or fire. Get out, call 9-1-1, and stay out.
  • A single chirp every 30 or 60 seconds means either the battery is low and must be changed or the alarm has reached its end of life and must be replaced.
  • All smoke alarms must be replaced after 10 years.
  • Chirping that continues after the battery has been replaced means the alarm must be replaced.
  • Make sure your smoke and CO alarms meet the needs of all your family members, including those with sensory or physical disabilities.

For more information about Fire Prevention Week, please contact 905-584-2272 X. 4303 or visit

Learn more about how you can get involved in Fire Prevention Week including cooking with a firefighter and a trivia contest for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant of your choice:

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