Can you distill your feelings about getting your vaccination into a few lines of verse?

Palgrave’s Carol Good did.

She did so to participate in the Global Vaccine Poem. The project asks participants to read Naomi Shihab Nye’s model poem “Dear Vaccine” and then choose a prompt to respond to. Nye is a poet, songwriter, novelist and, currently, the Poetry Foundation’s designated Young People’s Poet Laureate.

Carol heard radio personality Matt Galloway interview the Project’s organizers and then encourage people to send in their responses. She submitted her poem, which appears below. It is now featured on the Global Vaccine Poem gallery wall along with other submissions. In addition it was read on The Current this morning.

Vaccine, please…  

Vaccine, please help us 

Get ahead of this wave

So many are still being caught

In the undertow

Dragged into the depths

And, too often, their deaths

Even when they could see your safe shore


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