If your concerned about how your hydro plan is going to change after November 1st, the Ontario Energy Board says not to worry.

Starting November 1st can choose to pay two options: Time-of-use or tiered pricing. Time-of-use pricing means you’ll be billed for what time you use electricity. The tiered pricing system means you will pay a certain rate until you reach a limit, then get billed at the next tier of use.

Ceiran Bishop, Director of strategic policy at the OEB, says your utility may allow you to make the switch over the phone, or online. If you’re on time-of-use prices, you’ll stay on that system automatically. He also says you can change your billing system at any point in the year. Bishop says the reason for having two systems is to give consumers a choice and is a government initiative. The OEB has set up a website where customers can input their usage, and see what plan is right for them.

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